Martin Gael graduated from the faculty of Sciences of the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. He completed a PhD in Animals Biology option Parasitology and Ecology. His thesis, entitled Characterization of interspecific associations between intestinal and blood parasites in Schoolchildren of the Centre Region of Cameroon, was undertaken under the supervision of Prof BILONG B. Charles and Prof LEHMAN Leopold Gustave, in order to highlight the type of relationships between human intestinal parasites within the human host.

In 2021, Martin Gael was recruited by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI) as a research officer and posted to the Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies (IMPM). He was appointed as deputy’s head at the Laboratory of Microbiology, Infectious disease, and Immunology of the Institute of Medical Research and medicinal plants studies by the General Director of IMPM.

Dr OYONO recently joined the activities of the Immunobiology and Helminths infections (IBHI) research team headed by Dr NONO Justin. As an associate member, he is working on the tripartite interaction between helminth infections and their associated tissue pathology host factors and the microbiome. This metagenomics project aims to delineate the microbial signature associated with helminth infection and pathology for a host/microbiome-incorporating design of intervention strategies during helminth infections. The IBHI-Lab’s policy has already allowed Martin Gael to upgrade his background specifically in data handling and analysis with R and Python, and in Bioinformatics