Passionate about molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and animal sciences, I am what we would call a lover of life sciences. Holder of an engineering degree in animal industries obtained under the supervision of the FASA, University of Dschang Cameroon, and AgroStudies in Israel; I also studied an M.Sc. in life sciences (molecular biology and genetics option) in the laboratory of the Distinguished Professor Amir Sagi ( ) at Ben Gurion University in Israel. During my studies, I used cutting-edge technologies in molecular biology, genetics, and bioinformatics, to identify and study genes and LnRNAs involved in the sexual differentiation of the giant freshwater prawn M. rosenbergii.

Shared between engineering in animal sciences and biology; I first professionally proved myself as an assistant manager of one of the largest broiler production units in Israel. Then, as an agro-pastoral expert with an international Israeli NGO (AJEEC-NISPED), also based in Cameroon. Subsequently, I decided to return to Cameroon in order to participate alongside the best in the field of biology in the development of life science. Hence my presence at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation as an intern in the IBHI laboratory, where I work on identifying and studying genes involved in a Schistosoma mansoni infection and developing hepatitis fibrosis.